Shaquem Griffin: "I'm In Control Of My Own Destiny"

October 30, 2020

Griffin Brothers

"Going through adversity in the league, it's nothing compared to what I went through in college. I'm ready for anything. There's no reason to mope, there's no reason to get upset, I'm in control of my own destiny. I'm in control of the way I feel about things, negative or positive."

Griffin impressed coaches and teammates, not just with the plays he made in the open field against Ezekiel Elliott, or with the pressure he put on Dak Prescott, but also with the way he has handled the start of this season.

"I think he played great," linebacker and defensive captain Bobby Wagner said. "I love his mentality, I love his mindset. Anybody in his situation could have easily gotten mad or frustrated about what happened, but he came in prepared, was preparing all week, and the moment he got his opportunity, he came in and made some really, really good plays, whether it was on Zeke, whether it's breaking up the ball over the middle, and just being really, really active. So I was really impressed with the way he handled everything and his preparation on coming in and being ready."

Said Carroll, "He did great this week. He was hauling butt all over the field. We played him a unique situation that he really handled well. He did a nice job rushing the passer in his other (opportunities) that he had. So I'm looking forward to him continuing to contribute. I was really fired up about his play.

"When the opportunity was available, he jumped at it and did a great job. I'm thrilled about that for him. He looked really good, and he was running all over the place, all over the field. If we can keep him available for those kinds of opportunities, he's going to continue to show like that… I'm really excited to see him play again this weekend."

Carroll added that Griffin will be on the field again in Miami: "He earned it."

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